Services & Fees

All services are conducted right around the corner in South Austin at my private practice on-- 6609 Manchaca.

Schedule a free 30 minute appointment and I can show you the office over a warm cup of coffee.

Individual Counseling + Psychotherapy

Are you struggling with anxiety and feel overall nervous? Are you undergoing a career change and are uncertain about the future? Do you want to re-evaluate your patterns of behavior in relationships? Have you experienced extreme grief and loss from the passing of a loved one or a cherished relationship? Are you an artist struggling with writer's block and inspiration? I use a form of counseling that is rooted in Jungian concepts as well as Narrative Therapy. It's a type of analysis of which I'd like to think Joseph Campbell would approve of. Sessions with me are highly collaborative and relational, but are focused upon the topics with which you are struggling. 


  • 50 minutes session

  • $140

  • Free 30 minutes consultation

Couples Counseling

Love is great right? Well it can be. If you're experiencing a lack of connection with your partner, then most likely unhealthy patterns of trying to cope with changes have developed between the two of you. This can lead to strife, jealousy and even infidelity. Sessions with me focus on identifying those patterns and re-creating a love story that you really want to have had in the first place. 

Along with creating the proverbial band-aid to relationship patterns, I also work with couples on preparing for marriage. These sessions focus upon tool kits to use that can help keep consistent healthy communication flowing that is rooted in the most up-to-date research on relationship patterns.  


  • 50 minutes session

  • $150

  • Free 30 minutes consultation

Teen Counseling + Guitars

There's a significant amount of literature showing the positive effects that music has on the developing brain. One study published in the Journal for Neuroscience showed that children who learn an instrument before the age of 7 have an enhanced ability to interpret and integrate sensory information, such as hearing, touch, and sight. This helps the child with interactions among peers as well as learning new languages. 

For teens, research sings the same tune stating that music helps with mood regulation among youth. With a certification in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and my earlier years as a guitar teacher, I like to incorporate music into the office. This gives way to expression as well as opening up the teen to what is going on in their lives and how to make meaning of it.

Fees for these sessions differ depending on whether music is involved or if the client has a guitar they'd like to bring. For my teen clients who don't have a guitar-- not a problem. I am able to provide your teen with a guitar for sessions with a slight up-charge of $20.


  • 50 minutes session w/o guitar

    • $140

  • 90 minutes session w/guitar

    • $160

  • Free 30 minute consultation

Band Counseling

As a previous road warrior and Warped Tour artist, I know the hardships of having 4-6 extra girlfriend/boyfriends to deal with all the time. The struggle is real and it shows up as jealousy over creative material, addiction, unspoken passive-aggressive band roles, and who's shift is next on that overnight drive between Salt Lake City and Sacramento (whew!). 

When your time is spent completely in each other's presence then projection is bound to happen and things go awry fairly often. I understand, and I'm here to help you walk through it. You can save your band, you can continue to do what you love, and you can be more prolific and expressive than you've ever been. All you have to do is rally the drummer to commit to therapy.


  • 90 minutes session

  • $60 for each member

  • Does NOT come w/30 min intake

Online Counseling

For clients living in other cities or touring/traveling, it is easiest to conduct sessions online. For these sessions, I use the most HIPAA compliant program for medical professionals to date-- Online Counseling clients living within the United States must have a residence in Texas. For international clients, contact me directly to address laws pertaining to select countries. These sessions are conducted in complete private and headphones are necessary for every session. If for any reason the connection is lost, wait and I will immediately call you on the preferred phone contact listed.


  • 50 minutes sessions

  • Sliding scale $80 - $120

  • Client must have a permanent residence in Texas

  • (International clients contact me for options)



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